Anupama will have a leap of 5 years! Will Rupali Ganguly say goodbye to the show? Anuj and Anupama’s love will end

Unique: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s popular show Anupama is currently in the news. The show is very popular among the audience. Ever since Rajan Shahi’s show came on Star Plus, it has remained at number one. The show remains at the top of the TRP list and leaves no one standing. The makers leave no stone unturned to entertain their audience. After Samar’s death, Vanraj accuses Anuj of killing his son. After this incident, Anupama is ignoring Anuj and not talking to him. Currently she lives in Shah House. Vanraj and Anupama want to avenge the death of their son Samar. Anupama and Vanraj decide to file a police complaint against Sonu. Sonu’s father Suresh is a politician and asks Anupama and Vanraj to withdraw the case. However, Anupama and Vanraj are in no mood to withdraw the case. The upcoming episode is going to be very interesting and will have many twists and turns. The show is rumored to take a leap.

Anupama’s children will not support her

Star Plus’ Instagram has released a video of Anupama. His caption reads, “To get justice for Samar, he refuses to testify. Will Anupama alone get justice for her son?” The video shows Vanraj asking Adhiksha and Toshu to go to the police station to testify. But both refuse. Vanraj gets very angry at this and says that today you and Toshu have proved that no matter how deep the blood relation is, it is the same blood when you die. Anupama says the day my Vivek died the same day your Vivek also died. Anupama talks about getting justice for her son Samar.

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Anupama will leap

According to a report in Tellychakkar, Anupama will take a leap of five years. The makers are planning a big twist after Samar’s death. After Anupama’s leap, the lives of the Shah and Kapadia families are set to change. It is being said that the show will feature several interesting modes, which is shocking. It is said that the story of this show will change a lot. In such a situation, the question will arise in the minds of the fans that Rupali will bid farewell to the show. That won’t happen, because she’s the main character of the show. Talking about the track of the show, Anuj’s mother Malti Devi will be returning once again. Anuj falls on Maltidevi’s lap and starts crying. He tells his mother how helpless he feels after Anupama leaves him. Seeing her son in this state, she decided to talk to Anupam.

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Kavya questioned Kijal

Kavya asks Kinjal about not supporting Anupama. To this Kinjal says that she cares about her family and daughter. Kavya says that even after falling from the auto, I was scared. Kavya tells him that we are a family. There is a difference between a family and a crowd. Kinjal says her family does not want to become a martyr family. She asks him to think of his son. Seeing Pakhi’s indifference, Vanraj says that they have become childless. He says you forgot your brother, but we will not forget our son Samar.


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