Anupama Kunwar Amarjit Singh Breaks Silence On Entering The Show As Dimpy Boyfriend Says Har Jag Kuch Aisa | Anupama: Kunwar Amarjit Singh breaks silence on Dimpy’s boyfriend admission, says

What happened in Anupama’s latest promo?

Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) has to face another challenge after Romil (Viraj Kapoor) is caught watching an adult film in the room. Anupama wakes up as usual, gives food and water to Dimpy and wishes her a good day. Later Anu invites Romil from her room for breakfast, she then enters his room, where she finds him watching an adult movie, which disgusts Anu and she leaves without a word. Here Malti Devi tries to provoke Pakhi as she is upset with Anupama taking extra care of Dimpi, who is expecting her first child. Pakhi is really unsure about how Dimpy should be treated, as she cannot be a mother. Malati Devi takes full advantage of this situation. Bapuji tries to bring hope to Vanraj’s life and takes him for a walk to make him feel better after Samar’s death.


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