Anupama: Crocodile will shed more tears in front of Pakhi, Anupama-Vanraj will be shocked, a new twist will come.

Anupama Written Update August 21: Currently high voltage drama is going on in TV serial ‘Anupama’. Vanraj realizes the truth about Kavya’s son, but he is yet to react to it. Meanwhile, the track of Pakhi and more started running. Achi’s truth is known to everyone and Anupama and Vanraj are very upset due to this. The Shah family is shocked to see the attack marks on Pakhi’s body. However, Pakhi is busy saving more.

A new twist is coming in Anupama

The upcoming episode of ‘Anupama’ will show Pakhi advocating for her husband Achi. Pakhi says that every couple has fights and she provokes more. Pakhi favors more. She asks Anupama not to get involved in a husband-wife dispute. Anupama asks Pakhi that she is a modern day girl who has to face such behavior of her father. Pakhi tells Anupama that she has learned from her. Anupama replies to her that Vanraj cheated on her so she left him. Pakhi says she is saving her marriage, so she should not try to break her marriage.

Anupama-Vanraj will explain to Pakhi

Barkha says that Pakhi himself is supporting Achi, so they should not get involved in this case. Anupama tells Pakhi that the entire house is supporting her, so she should raise her voice against this. If Pakhi remains silent today, she will set a wrong example for other women, says Anupama. Anupama constantly explains to Pakhi that she should not support domestic violence. Anupama tells him that killing each other is not acceptable in marriage. Vanraj also asks his daughter to support the truth and raise her voice.

Will apologize more to Pakhi

Vanraj is very persuasive about Pakhi not to suffer the torture in silence and raise voice against the torture. He asks her to reconsider their marriage. On the other hand, Kinjal tells Kavya about the experience of seeing her son on screen. Kavya says that the coming child changed her world. However, seeing Kavya a bit upset, Kinjal asks the reason. Vanraj tells Anupama that his daughter will not be a victim of domestic violence. The show further shows that Barkha will convince Achi that he should apologize to Pakhi. Otherwise the matter will go too far. Instead of listening to his sister, he gets on his knees and begs for forgiveness. There will be a lot of drama in the upcoming episodes.

Know what was shown in Anupama

Romil channels his frustration on a dartboard and tells about Anuj. Pakhi comes in and Romil angrily blames her for Anuj and Anupama’s harsh behavior. Pakhi stands by her statement and says she did nothing. Romil says he is innocent and accuses him of being wronged. Pakhi tries to explain, but Romil loses his temper and shouts at Pakhi and asks her to leave the room. Anupama prepares for her performance at a cultural event.


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