Anupama: Anupama’s son Samar is not dead, coming back soon in the serial, Vanraj makes a big revelation

Anupama series is getting more interesting day by day. The latest episode focuses entirely on Kavya as she is having her baby shower. Kavya is overjoyed to see the welcome board she has prepared for her grand celebration. Kavya recalls that just three years ago, the idea of ​​organizing such an event seemed unimaginable. She thanks Anupama for all this. Anupama tells Kavya that Vanraj will be a part of her baby shower. Kavya is happy to know this and hopes for a better future for her son and Vanraj. Anupama touches Kavya’s baby bump for a moment. The child kicks them.

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Vanraj will attend Kavya’s baby shower.

Meanwhile, Adhika stops Dimpy from helping in the preparations. Pakhi scolds Dimpy for not resting and tells her that Anupama will blame them if anything happens to her. Dimpy gets angry hearing this from Pakhi and tells her that she is smart enough to take care of herself. Pakhi takes her words wrong and claims that Dimpy is taunting her for her infertility. Dimpy gets angry and asks Pakhi not to play the victim card. Pakhi taunts Dimpy for playing the widow victim card and staying with them.

Anupama scolds Dimpy and Pakhi a lot

Anupama intervenes and gets angry with Dimpy and Pakhi for creating a ruckus. She warns them to act like fathers and wise men and not spoil Kavya’s baby shower. Anupama tells them that she will not tolerate anything going wrong in Kavya’s baby shower. Anuj and Anupama have a heart to heart conversation over video call and Anupama asks Anuj to come to Shah’s house.

Ba will gift bangles to Kavya

Anupama sees Baa upset and asks her why she is sad. Ba tells Anupama how she has no gold left to gift Kavya at her baby shower. She tells how the gold they save is used to treat Vanraj. Ba tells Anupama that she has the last pair of gold bangles and wants to give them to Kavya. Anupama consoles Baa and makes her understand that whatever she gives to Kavya is priceless.

Maltidevi asks this question to Anuj

Anupama then forces Baa to wear bangles. Baa refuses to wear it as she is worried about Anuj, however, Anupama insists on her and she wears Anupama’s bangles. Malati Devi tells Anuj that Anupama did not discuss about the gift to Kavya. Anuj Malati tells Devi that he told Anupama not to discuss the gift. Malti Devi gets angry thinking that Anupama has spent a huge amount on Kavya’s visit and is wasting Anuj’s money.

Anuj and Anupama’s romance

Anuj and the Kapadia family arrive at Kavya’s baby shower and Malti sees Devi Bala wearing Anupama’s bangles. Anupama and Anuj flirt with each other at the function. Anupama and Kavya clicked photos together. Kavya is worried about Vanraj and asks Anupama if Vanraj will be happy. Bapuji brings Vanraj and he meets everyone.

Vanraj announces Samar’s return

Surprising everyone, Vanraj made a spectacular entry into the party. Baa warmly welcomes her presence, expresses her happiness and declares that it is not only Kavya’s but also Vanraj’s. Vanraj is overjoyed, and announces the return of his son Samar. Kavya expresses her deep gratitude to Vanraj at this point and assures him that Samar will come back, be it as her own child or as Dimpy’s child. Anupama also thanks her, and Ba amends her view of poetry, admitting that as a daughter-in-law she had underestimated her qualities.


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