Anupama: After Samar’s death, Anupama is again devastated, Pakhi will never be a mother.

Starplus’ popular serial Anupama is ruling millions of hearts with its story and plot. Fans love Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s on-screen chemistry. The makers of Anupama show are leaving no stone unturned to make their upcoming episodes entertaining. The current episodes of Anupama are about Anuj and Anupama living separately after Samar’s death. Anupama and Vanraj fight for justice and Anuj joins them after each withdraws from the case. In the latest episode, we see Anupama and Anuj stop Vanraj as he attacks Suresh Rathore, while Suresh is happy as everything is being recorded. Samar’s students reached Shah’s house to express their condolences. They miss Samar and confess to Dimpy that they will not participate in the dance competition. They tell Dimpy that Samar wanted to participate in a dance competition and use the winnings to teach dance to poor students.

Dimpy is going to fulfill Samar’s dream

Dimpy tells the students that she will fulfill Summer’s last wish by participating in the dance competition and winning the competition. Dimpy sees Samar’s photo and promises her that she will fulfill his wish. Everyone praises Dimpy, but Baa gets angry. Malati Devi stops Romil from going out and asks where he is going. She tells him that Anupama must have asked her the same question. Romil refuses to answer her question and says that she should stop controlling the house.

Romil gives Maltidevi the opposite answer

Malati Devi tells Romil that he is staying at her son’s house. However, Romil retaliates by saying the same, and the two argue. Barkha overhears their conversation and wants Maltidevi to go against Romil and throw her out of the house. Vanraj gets angry when Anupama and Anuj stop him from attacking Suresh Rathore. Anupama started to worry about Vanraj.

Kavya will support Dimpy to fulfill Samar’s wish.

Kavya supports Dimpy to fulfill Samar’s wish. Dimpy confides in Kavya and tells her how incomplete her life is. Kavya consoles him and encourages him to live his life and fulfill his desires. Dimpy tells how Kinjal, Toshu and Pakhi withdrew from Samar’s case, but Kavya explains to her that Vanraj, Anupama and Anuj will always fight for Samar’s justice.

Fight between Kavya and Vanraj

Anupama and Anuj bring Vanraj home and the Shah family expresses concern about his health. When Kavya asks Vanraj to think about his son, Vanraj refuses saying that he is not his child. Kavya breaks down hearing this, while Anupama reassures her. Anupama breaks down seeing everyone’s condition and stress. Bapuji gets emotional seeing Vanraj talking to Samar’s photo. Bapuji talks to Vanraj and makes him laugh. Anupama asks Anuj about the call from the inspector, but he tells her that he will tell her about it when the time is right.

Pakhi will never be a mother

Pakhi suddenly comes and hugs Anupama crying. Pakhi cries and says she can never be a mother. Everyone in Kapadia Haveli is shocked to hear this news. Anupama gets emotional after hearing this news. Kinjal asks Toshu when he will tell the family about going to UK. Vanraj hears their half-finished conversation and gets scared. Vanraj requests Toshu not to leave him. Toshu tells Vanraj that he is not going anywhere. Anupama consoles Pakhi and Achi and asks them not to lose hope. She tells them to keep praying and get a second opinion. Anupama tells Pakhi that if there is no option left, they can also adopt the child.


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