Anaheim PD investigating after photo of student in locker room circulates online – NBC Los Angeles

An image of an Anaheim junior high school student undressing is generating outrage from parents after it was posted online without their consent or knowledge.

The Anaheim Police Department said it was notified of an incident at Ball Junior High School after a student’s image inside a locker restroom was circulated online. According to one parent of a student at the school, a new social media account posted the image online.

“Some kids made an Instagram account and took pictures of kids in the locker room when they were changing.,” said Layloni Aguilar, whose daughter attends Ball Junior High School.

The Anaheim Unified High School District said it’s reinforcing its cellphone ban policy in the locker room as it continues working with police on the matter. In a statement, the district said:

“Our School Resource Officer promptly notified Ball’s Administrative Team. We collaborated with law enforcement to report the posts to Instagram, resulting in one of the post’s swift removal. Throughout the day, we have continued to monitor the site in question and report posts as inappropriate.”

Police added that the matter falls under invasion of privacy and while the post has been removed, the social media account is still up and set to private.

“I wish it didn’t happen, but schools are hard to regulate and it’s something they do their best,” said Jim Furey, a concerned parent. “They have good people working here but sometimes bullies will be bullies.”

Parents say the actions taken so far by police and the school district simply isn’t enough. They’re hoping to have an open dialogue on the matter and want the school to hold a meeting to address the issue.

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