Already 2.5 million admissions in France for The Count of Monte Cristo

The French adventure film has had a stunning second week and remains at the top of the box office, behind the untouchable Inside Out 2.

Obviously, school holidays oblige, Inside Out 2 still holds the top spot at the French box office. In its third week, the biggest success in Pixar's history sold another 1.5 million tickets in France, bringing its national total to 5.5 million admissions.

Inside Out 2 thus earns a place in the Top 5 of Pixar's biggest hits at the French box office, ahead of Toy Story and just behind The Incredibles (2004). The sequel to Riley's emotional adventures should easily climb onto the French podium, but will have a harder time getting there Ratatouille (7.8 million in 2007) and No. 1, The world of Nemo (9.6 million admissions in 2003).


Resisting Pixar's overwhelming dominance, The count of Monte Cristo has had a very encouraging second week, with 1.2 million additional spectators. This represents an increase in attendance (+9%) and a very good average of 1,857 admissions per theater. In ten days, the film has already done as well as The Three Musketeers: Milady (2.58 million admissions at the end of 2023) and it should easily reach the 3.43 million achieved by The Three Musketeers: D'Artagnan (early 2023).

France box office July 10
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Note in this ranking thatA little something extra remains on the podium after… 10 weeks of operation! The comedy ofArtus garners 500,000 more tickets and is now close to 9 million cumulative entries.

Finally, Kevin Costner is not doing so badly here. If Horizon: An American Sagadid not take off at the US box office, the western still managed to attract 121,000 spectators in France for its first week in theaters.


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