Ahmed Sylla is a Super Dad: trailer

Léa Lando's first feature film unveils its trailer.

Super Dad features a father who is beside the point and clumsy (Ahmed Sylla) who is granted custody of his child (Ismaël Bangoura), under the supervision of his grandmother (Zabou Breitman). The young boy receives a last minute gift on his birthday: a copy of the Little Prince. Problem, it is entirely made up of blank pages! His father then invents the wish-granting book.useful and inexpensive“. What follows is a cascade of improbable situations where the father does everything not to disappoint his son.

Comedian Léa Lando signs her first feature film as a director with a cast formed around Ahmed Sylla (The Ascension, The Women of the Square or even in Each for all) and the young Ismaël Bangoura seen as a pangolin child in The Animal Kingdomand also Zabou Breitman (The three of us or nothing, The first day of the rest of your life), Julien Pestel (My worst anxiety, The stars) yes Louise Colfedy (Family Business, Fiasco).

Super Dad will be released in cinemas on August 7, 2024. Trailer:

Félix Boudaud-Marchisio


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