Adventureland Treehouse, a ‘regrown’ Disneyland icon, gets its opening date – NBC Los Angeles

What to Know

  • Adventureland Treehouse is located at Disneyland Park in Anaheim
  • The attraction opens on Nov. 10, 2023; a park ticket and reservation are required to enter the theme park
  • The 1962 “Swiss Family Robinson” treehouse, the first attraction to stand on that spot, inspired the treehouse’s reimagining

Naming the famous trees of Disneyland Resort is a pleasurable exercise for any fan of The Happiest (and Tree-iest) Place on Earth.

There’s the tree where The Little Man of Disneyland resides, near Indiana Jones Adventure, and the two trees that serve as the leafy centerpieces of the Pirates of the Caribbean queue. The petrified tree near the Rivers of America is the oldest addition to the theme park while the twisty prop trees inside the Haunted Mansion’s cemetery?

They boast a fanciful yet foreboding air.

But one tree stands tall, quite literally, and has since it first laid down its roots over 60 years ago: The branch-big attraction located near the picturesque heart of Adventureland.

Opened as an airy ode to “Walt Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson,” the original treehouse boasted snug rooms, wee bridges, and unforgettable artifacts, like a vintage organ prop.

Disneyland Resort

After a reimagining, or a “regrowth,” if you will, the arboreal attraction will strongly sprout again, beginning with the opening of the Adventureland Treehouse on Nov. 10, 2023.

Disneyland Resort announced that a “fresh story” will give new life to the limb-laden wonder, which, indeed, is not an actual tree but one might say what a tree might transform into within the realm of a daydream.

“Among the tree’s massive boughs, you’ll find the mother’s music den, the sons’ nature room and the daughter’s astronomer’s loft,” revealed an Oct. 25 post on the official Disney Parks Blog.

“Firm on the ground will be a kitchen and dining room, plus the father’s art studio that will display hand-drawn sketches and paintings of each room.”

An organ is one of the eye-catching items in the new treehouse and a whimsical waterwheel will turn at its behemoth base.

For more on what you’ll find as you cross bridges, climb stairs, and explore this future-meets-past favorite, visit the Disney Parks Blog now.

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