A new Barbenheimer between Gladiator 2 and Wicked would be “incredible” according to Paul Mescal

Wickediator or Glicked? A new clash of the titans is coming to American theaters on November 22.

A few days ago, we learned that Universal had decided to bring forward the American release of Wicked – Part 1the film adaptation of one of Broadway's biggest hits. Instead of November 27, the musical film directed by Jon M. Chu will be available to discover from the 22nd, at the same time as another highly anticipated film: Gladiator IIor the long-awaited return of Roman society seen by Ridley Scott.

A coincidence that was quickly picked up on social networks under the title of Wickediator, little brother of the Barbenheimer, which, last year, had seen theOppenheimer of Nolan and the Barbie of Gerwig to confront each other in the same way, massively pushing spectators to return to movie theaters. At the time, Emily Bluntwho plays Kitty, the wife of the inventor of the H-bomb, wanted the phenomenon to happen again at all costs: “Look at the benefits it has brought to cinema.she said. Look what it brought to people. It was a joyful celebration thanks to this diversity of films.”.

Emily Blunt Celebrates Barbenheimer: 'We Have to Make It Happen Again'

So it seems that the time has come and Paul Mescalwho plays the main role of Gladiator IIis just as enthusiastic about this idea as his colleague. Questioned by Entertainment Tonight following the long-awaited release of trailer of Gladiator IIthe British actor spoke about this possibility:

'Wickediator' is not a very natural term to say, is it? I think I prefer the one 'Glicked' if it has a similar effect to the one it had for Barbie And Oppenheimer. That would be amazing, because I think the films couldn't be more opposite, and it's already worked in this context. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that people will come see both films on opening weekend.”

One follows the fate of a young Roman forced to fight in the gladiatorial arena, the other is the coming-of-age of a young, marginal witch. Both have been awaited for more than twenty years, boasting five-star castings (Ariana Grande, Cynthia Erivo, Michelle Yeoh, Jonathan Bailey And Jeff Goldblum on one side; Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington, Joseph Quinn And Connie Nielsen on the other) and will be released around Thanksgiving, a family end-of-year celebration deeply rooted in American culture.

While waiting to witness this match of titans, here is the trailer for Gladiator IIunveiled by Paramount:


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