7.3 million admissions in France: A little something extra still impresses

Artus' film remains at the top of the national box office for the 7th week in a row and becomes the 35th biggest success in the history of French cinema.

705,000 more spectators attended A little something extra, last week, at the cinema. For its 7th week in theaters, Artus' film is crushing the French box office. The comedy now stands at 7.3 million admissions, doubling for example Top Gun: Maverick in box office history.

The French Film

A little something extra joins the top 4 most seen films in cinemas since the end of the pandemic and it should quickly double Spider-Man: No Way Home (7.4 million in 2021) and Super Mario Bros. the film (7.4 million in 2023). He will have difficulty, on the other hand, finding number 1 of the post-Covid era: Avatar: The Way of Water (14 million in 2022).

While waiting to see if he will manage to pass the 10 million mark, A little something extra is currently the 78th biggest success in French box office history (all films combined) and the 35th most viewed French film of all time in French cinemas.

Sony Pictures - Bad Boys Ride or Die, poster
Sony Pictures

The rest of the rankings of the week are marked by the mixed performance of Bad Boys 4, which still recorded 260,000 admissions in the second week and reached 630,000 cumulative admissions with us. It will be difficult to do as well as the 1.8 million Bad Boys 3 in 2016.

Finally, we note that the French comedy by Bruno Podalydès, The Little Mopremains on the podium with 116,924 more spectators for a respectable total of 277,085 since its launch.


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