25 Liters Of Milk Didn’t Get Ravi Kishan Gangs Of Wasseypur, Actor Still Regrets

Actor and politician Ravi Kishan talks about the ‘ego’ he developed after experiencing stardom in the Bhojpuri film industry. He admitted that he lost his role in Gangs of Wasseypur because he demanded milk for his bath and a bed decorated with roses to sleep on. He had earlier said that these rumors are not true. Now this actor has openly disclosed about it.

Rumors of arrogance are true

In the television show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, Ravi Kishan was asked if the rumors about his ego are true. Host Rajat Sharma claimed that a producer had told him that Ravi would be difficult to work with as he asked for milk for his bath and a bed of roses to sleep on. The actor laughed it off but admitted that the claims were indeed true.

It will be discussed that I bathe with milk

He said, I used to bathe in milk and sleep on rose petals. I used to think that I am an actor and that is all very important. When people start watching Al Pacino and Robert De Niro movies and say that’s what these actors do, you show Godfather 500 times and I’m a desi actor. Well, it’s all about pretending to create an atmosphere. I thought that if I bathe with milk, it will be discussed that I bathe with milk.

Who will bring 25 liters of milk daily

He added that we were not taken into the Gangs of Wasseypur because he said who would fetch 25 liters of milk daily and who would take a bath, they don’t take better than that. I was also damaged. Then they all left. Suddenly when you come from poverty and achieve something and you wonder Bombay Mayanagari is huge, it doesn’t take long to make you crazy. Bombay can drive you crazy in no time. Money is raining everywhere, people are taking pictures everywhere. I was a superstar, a bit crazy.

Ravi Kishan still regrets it

Ravi Kishan said he improved and became ‘normal’ after being in Bigg Boss. His wife told him he was too full of himself, so he was asked to join the show. In 2019, on The Kapil Sharma Show, he said, “I still regret getting fired from Gangs of Wasseypur.”


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